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Become a Sustaining Partner

We are seeking partners to join us in a sustaining fundraising campaign. We desire partner individuals, families, churches, groups and businesses all with the same camping vision in mind. Monies raised will help pay for:


  • Financial assistance for students to attend summer camp 

  • Programming expenses

  • Basic costs for facility maintenance

  • Capital projects to improve the camping experience


Please consider giving at one of the following Sustaining Partner Levels:


CAMPER: $10/month (pays for a week of summer camp for a needy student.)


COUNSELOR: $40/month (pays for programming for a weeklong summer camp.)


DEAN: $1,000/year (helps pay for needed capital improvements throughout the camp.)

or donate immediately 
through Paypal:
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Our Most Urgent Need:

Wesley Lodge Upgrades

Wesley lodge needs major work in order to bring it up to usable standards. There is so much potential for this lodge. Improved site work around the lodge has positioned this facility to be an important part of the future for the camp.


Estimated costs are:    

  • New HVAC $25,000 (Completed 2022)

  • Plumbing $7,500 (Completed 2022)

  • Windows $13,000 (Completed 2023)

  • Doors $22,000 (Completed 2023)

  • Flooring $20,000

  • General Remodel $35,000

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